Manana Rebuild Page 3

Case halves married and visual check.

Looking pretty good

Case secured


Original oil pump reused as I had real issued with the HD pump I bought to repalce it. It was REALLY close to the cam and the oil galleries on the pump were twice as big as the stock ones. I measured the pump for wear and it was close enough. I may notice a slight drop in oil pressure, but I will live with it.

Fan end

Oil filter business end

sump plate installed

pistons were polished by me and cylinders were reamed too

Rings installed

Test fitting the pistons

One down, 3 to go.

All P&C installed and ready for heads

short block ala Collie


oops, broke a fin....



Tin installed

Proud Collie...

Pushrod tubes installed. These were JUNK, but what do you do???
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